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“Love my Pizza Girls Pizza”

5 of 5 TripAdvisor bubbles  Reviewed September 29, 2016

HUGE slices of heaven on dough. I love pizza, and they do it SOOO right here. In a classic place, Clematic Street, they are in a gawgeous yellow building. The pizza slices seemingly are made for dinosaurs, they are that big! And they have specialty slices you have not even thought of. Stop in, and feed the need for terrific pizza, as only the Girls can do!

“True New York Pizza”

5 of 5 TripAdvisor bubbles Visited September 2016

The four of us each tried a different slice and all four were delicious. It's a tiny place with just several tables. If you're longing for true pizza, this is the place!

Real pizza!!!!

5 of 5 TripAdvisor bubbles Reviewed September 10, 2016

Nothing to look at decor wise but don't be put off. The best New York style pizza ever. Go on try it!, even the celebs go here..

Visited September 2016

Best Pizza 

Girls, girls, girls: You've got a good thing going here. You set up shop with absolutely no real pizza experience and manage in only 18 months or so, to convert everyone in the area to a PG junkie. Your competitors say it's sabotage. They say making a lasagna pizza is sacrilegious. They can't quite figure out what you do to make your New York-style pizza so crisp and traditional yet innovative at the same time. To tell you the truth, we can't either. But we know we gotta have it. So don't under any circumstances, blow this gig. And yes girls, that's an order.

Best Dining Under the SunBest Pizza: Pizza Girls

Check out the Yellow Pages, and you’ll find that the number of pizza parlors in the county probably is second only the the number of personal-injury attorneys. And judging by the fierce loyalty readers have shown toward their favorites, you may need a legal degree to competitively argue why your pizza and toppings are the best (without engaging in physical battle). Sal’s emerges as the winning multilocation pizzeria, but the up-and-comer to watch, according to readers, is Pizza Girls, enticingly located adjacent to Sloan’s Ice Cream Parlor next to the Clematis Street fountain in West Palm Beach.

Foodstuff - Gets a Slice

Some folks like their lasagna cooked in a casserole pan. Please. Why opt for the norm when you can have that classic dish baked in a whole new way - like on top of pizza dough? The "Little Italy," a New York-style gourmet pie enhanced with lasagna, Italian sausage, meatballs, mozzarella and ricotta, is only one of the delicacies you can acquire at the aptly named Pizza Girls (114 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, 561-833-4004), Owned by Phoebe Reckseit and Jen Morales (who also happen to be biker chicks), the 18-month-old pizzeria has been attracting quite a following for its inventive take on the New York slice. I can't say the stuff the PGs supply is traditional - the "Tribeca burger" is a pizza laden with crumbled bacon, cheddar cheese, and ground beef - but these entrepreneurs could probably sell the Brooklyn Bridge if they tried. And in fact, they do, but their "Brooklyn Bridge" is topped with chicken, broccoli, and roasted red peppers. You go, girls!

Jerry Springer
Drops in on Phoebe

Emily (Indigo Girls)
Meets the Pizza Girls

Martina Navratilova
Gets a Slice freely.

George Stephanopoulos gets politically correct during a break from Good Morning America.

Eatery has recipe to make dough
Palm Beach Post  October 8, 1999
Imagine the surprise when our bank wanted to use us in their advertising campaign!

Pat Benatar was very complimentary when she stopped by for a bite
"Phoebe & Jen, Thanks, it was delicious - Pat Benatar"

Life By the Slice
Palm Beach Post • October 2000
By Michelle Genz 
A song in their hearts. A Harley, too. But right now, let’s talk pies with the Pizza Girls.

Pizza Girls - The Place for a Slice
Ocean Drive’s Palm Beach •
Winter 2000

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